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Finding a freelance writer

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Finding a freelance writer

12/08/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Freelancing

Finding a freelance writer can be difficult, especially for someone who needs their services but has no idea where to start looking. Not everyone who claims to be a freelance writer actually is one. They may freelance, for sure, but they lack writing skills. Let's look at several methods for finding a freelance writer who satisfies your exact requirements.

Internet Search – You can enter a few keywords into Google's search box to see what comes up in the search results. Include the phrase "freelance writer" in quotes when entering search criteria. You should find several good options between the marketing freelance writer ads that appear [above and to the right of your search results] and the first ten or so search results. To be taken to the websites of the individual freelance writers, click on the advertisements and search results. You should then be able to decide if this individual is the correct fit for you.

Article Directories – A number of the most well-known online article directories provide content that have been submitted by independent writers. In order to get you to read several of their pieces and choose them for a future job, freelance writers frequently show off some of their best work. Visit the top-performing authors' pages at Ezine Articles, ZapContent.com, Article Sphere, and Go Articles, to mention a few, to browse their works.


Paid Sites – Some independent authors have accounts with sites like Guru that charge for referrals. As an employer, you may sign up on Guru, post the details of your project online, and get quotes for the job you need done. Before awarding the project to a writer, be sure that all the terms have been agreed upon.

Unpaid Sites — Craig's List, or craigslist as it is more usually spelt, is the most used website for locating freelance writers. Not just authors, but also graphic artists, web designers, and whatever else you may think of. An influential website with a high position among the top 100 websites on the internet is Craig's List.

Any freelance writer worth their salt would undoubtedly list their own website, which will showcase examples of their greatest work. Before rewarding your project, take some time to get a feel for their aesthetic and request a price. Ask for references if you need them.

It can take some time and effort on your behalf to discover a decent freelance writer, but by carefully selecting one, you can find someone willing to give you their finest work. Before you and your partner can decide that your working relationship is a "fit," it might necessitate completing a few projects together first. Whatever the case, if you find a writer who "works magic" for you, stick with them; you won't be sorry.